A Brief Intro into the Printed Circuit Board

A printed circuit board (PCB) is invented to clear up some space inside electronic devices. This simple contraption eliminates the use of bulky wires and paved the way for the creation of smaller electronic gadgets and devices that is lightweight and less wiry. Printed circuit boards are created through a process called etching, where the wire plans are drawn on an insulated copper board. The etches represent the path of the electric current minus the wires. A good PCB requires a well planned and aligned electric current plan.

Making a printed circuit board is not as hard as it seems. Designing the layout is easier nowadays with the introduction of several free PCB design software on the web. All you need is your own computer and a fast internet connection to download your software for free. You read it right. These software below are readily available online for free. Let us go ahead and look at some of them.

printed circuit boardThe first on the list is BSch3V. This is a schematic program designed and works best on Windows Vista, XP and 7. BSch stands for Basic Schematic, and as the name implies this program supports basic functions only. This is best used by those just starting to learn the PCB mechanism. 3V mean third generation of Schematic capture. This means that this program supports vector images- curves, polygons, lines, points and shapes of all sorts and sizes.

A more advanced user may resort to using ZenitPCB. This is design software used in creating professional looking designs for PCBs. This is a flexible Computer aided Design program, that helps one see the result within a short span of time. This is ideally used by professional designers but hobbyist and students can easily learn how to use, manipulate and appreciate this program in no time.

Third on the list is ExpressPCB. This printed circuit board design software is easy to use even first time users can be masters in no time. Available for Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7, this easy to download software also offers users the easiest means to buy all the necessary components for their designed PCB.

The fourth software you can add on your list of free printed circuit board design software is KiCAD. This is an EDA or Electronic Design Automation software suite used to create schematics and printed circuit boards that are professional looking. This software is designed to create as many as 16 layers per scheme. Unlike the first three that runs on Windows alone, Kicad can work on all operating systems: Windows, Linux and even Apple OS X. KiCAD is an open source software, which means any one can edit, update or alter the source code of this program, making this customizable depending on the need of the user.

The fifth software on the list is gEDA. This software runs on Linux, Macintosh and Apple Software. This started as a project and eventually became a combination of tools that can be used for schematic captures, simulations, as well as printed circuit board designs.

A software similar to gEDA is called Fritzing. This open source design software encourages designers, researchers, artists and even hobbyist to work together through interactive electronic projects. Fritzing does not only provide the design software but also lets users learn more about the circuit created, document the project they created and prepare the design for production.

Lastly a free design software users can download online is DesignSpark PCB. This software is so easy to use and access that is even considered as the most accessible electronic design software in the world. This software assists users from the planning to the executing of a PCB schematic plan.

Reasons to Enter a Motivational Speaking Career

Although it is difficult to start a career as a motivational speaker, owe to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the industry; the drive to have your words heard by hundreds of lives and make a difference is much stronger.

• Making A Difference

Motivational speakerIf you think that your experience and knowledge through the years can contribute to someone else’s improvement and you want your words to be heard in the open, then being a motivational speaker can be a very rewarding career. Some speakers have survived diseases and challenges in life and they want to encourage those who are experiencing the same thing to be stronger. It is easier for them to talk about it and much easier for audience to relate because the speaker had been there.

Sometimes, a motivational speaker is one with more than sufficient knowledge and experience gained in his entire life to be really effective in speaking in a professional environment. But because he wants to continuously improve, he enhances his inadequacy by reading, studying and researching more on the subject. At the end of every speech, any speaker does not only impart something to the audience, but he also learns from the stream of information he studied.

Often, the fact that you change someone’s life and perceptions through your words far outweighs the financial rewards. Hearing the applause and appreciation from the audience is fulfilling enough that it makes you want to motivate and inspire some more people.

• Financial Rewards

We know for a fact that starting your way in the speaking industry is absolutely challenging. But if the speaker makes it big, his name is sought out not only in his locality but also in other countries and he has a consistent flow of clients booking him, we can say that this motivational speaker is reaping his career’s financial rewards.

Looking at some of the speakers’ annual incomes for speaking alone, it is not surprising why some others want to make it to the top of the list. A $10,000 charge for speaking at one event for just a few hours seem impossible to reach but for seasoned speakers, this is a very realistic rate. Let us say they are booked for 40 events spread in the entire year, by the end of the year, they have $400,000 total income. Who wouldn’t want that?

Consider also those speakers who make other stream of incomes from their published works, CDs, consulting jobs and private coaching sessions. They basically live a very exceptional lifestyle!

• Independence

Not only do you have that opportunity to touch lives and earn money from it, it also takes you away from the typical employment which requires you to be in the office every day, work from 9-5 and sometimes for extended hours. The good thing about making a career as a motivational speaker is your independence. Speakers own their time, they are their own boss. They work for a certain schedule only and sometimes these events only require an hour or two from them.

Unless of course they are invited out of their district or country, they will be spending some of their time flying, giving a speech for an hour and going home. For well established speakers, their travels are all-expense paid by the client. They stay in the most superb hotels in the area.

More often than not, speakers earn a living by being in the move. They constantly have to travel to where they are booked to speak. If they have published books, they attend a book launch and promotion to different cities.

Becoming a professional motivational speaker does not only elevate your name into a celebrity position, you get to have your independence, money and purpose in life.

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This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with no-fluff Motivational speaker and change to deliver real solutions in uncertain times.

Finding A Good Web Design Company – Details You Should Not Ignore

When you’re searching online for help with technology, you’re going to run into a lot of issues. Thanks to the relevancy factors that search companies have put into place, you’ll find that there are a number of different issues that can arise when you’re trying to narrow down the search of companies to work with. If you’re looking into web design, for instance, you could search online starting with regional settings like New York web design, and still end up with hundreds of thousands of listings. Narrowing down your search can seem a bit complicated, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Many people end up hiring whatever they see come up first, and that’s not always the best fit. In order to get a good company at the helm of your marketing collateral, you’re going to want to look into a few tips and tricks that will help you gain leverage and marketability with the publishing of your site. That being said, consider the following details that should help you with the decision making process of hiring a good firm to help you with design elements overall.

Look For A Team Not An Individual

New York web designFirst and foremost, you shouldn’t hire an individual to build your site. You’ll want to look for things like New York web design, and get a company that has some experience in this world. There’s nothing wrong with hiring single individuals, to work within your site’s design, however, if you’re going to go with something more concrete and will want to have a lot of different elements in place, hire a team that has experience. Two heads are better than one, as the adage says, and a team of designers will help you build a far more compelling resource than one individual can. You’ll find that the price here may shift a bit, but the results will speak for themselves and you’ll gain serious leverage overall.

A team based site design company will also deliver on internet marketing in many arenas, and that’s something that you’re going to want to have in place after your site is published. Setting up a site without a marketing plan at the helm afterwards is going to be detrimental overall. It’s not a good idea to chase the wind when it comes to search engine inclusion, which is exactly what you’re going to be doing if you end up looking at marketing collateral that is not associated to the design team you’re going to hire.

Look At Their Site’s Design

When you’re going to hire someone to build you a website, they should have a stellar site themselves. If you land on a single page that hasn’t been touched in a long time, and you’re not really seeing any sort of design implementation, walk away. There’s no major design firm today that doesn’t have a good representation of their own company. There are companies that have simple sites and some that only have social media pages, and that’s ok, but it’s not going to be what you want. If you want to stand out and you want your page to gain serious leverage, you’ll need to have expertise in the design front. You’ll want to hire a professional grade solution to not only deliver on the opportunity to build pages that are alluring, but that are going to get indexed online easily. If the site you’re on doesn’t showcase that sort of representation, then you are in the wrong place.

Look For Reviews

Reviews are rampant today, and you’ll find them in all corners of the internet. Look at hiring a company that has a good amount of reviews, and perhaps even awards in the realm of design. If you find that a site doesn’t seem to have this, then there’s something wrong. Ask the design firm to give you a list of references or sites that they’ve worked on in order to make a final decision. If you find that they don’t seem to have any sort of indication on the work that they’ve done in the past, then you’re going to end up losing out on the marketing collateral necessary to gain marketing direction and even design. Design matters greatly, and if you aren’t hiring someone that has any sort of history with this, you’re going to end up losing out, which is never a good thing.

The above tips are for those that are looking at hiring a good New York web design firm and want to stand out after they’ve published their page. It’s easy to end up losing sight of what you need to work within online, especially if you are looking at many firms and settle for a DIY solution. It’s best not to go with a template or something that is low cost, or cheap. If you cut corners on your website, and publish something that is not going to fit your needs, you’ll end up seeing a huge dip in your business. It’s important to look into professional grade solutions at least once, and see what all the hype is about. You’ll be surprised how well this option works for marketing and more, that’s for sure.